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Ranger QUEST

Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Requirements
  • Base Level 99 Hunter, Sniper
  • Job Level 50 Hunter
  • Job Level 60 Sniper
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Rewards
  • 1 Sniper Goggles - DEX + 1, AGI + 1, MDEF + 5. If user has 120 base AGI, Ranged attack damage + 4%, ASPD + 1. Headgear (Upper/Middle) / 12 Def / 10 Weight / Req Lv 100 / Ranger Exclusive
  • 1 Green Apple Ring - accessory that does nothing
  • 1 Wolf Flute - item needed to summon your Wolf Companion
  • Job Change to Ranger
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Tips
The Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest is just like the Hunter Job Change Quest but this is far more challenging as you have to pass three different stages and requires a lot of concentration. I died a number of times upon doing this quest as I do not have  proper Ragnarok Ranger Job Change guide. Hopefully this will help you out so you would be able to finish the Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest in just one try.
I really do suggest to be a Level 99 Sniper first before changing into a Ranger. The Wind Walk skill would certainly help you a lot most especially in the second part of the Ranger Job Change Quest.
Make sure you have done the How to go to Turtle Island Ragnarok quest first as the NPCs are in Turtle Island.
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest
1. Start the Ranger Job Change Quest by speaking with the Survival Instructor in Alberta. Tell him I came here to change job to a Ranger. If you are a hunter, he will ask you if you really want to be a Ranger. He will ask you to lower your weight into 0 and warps you back to Alberta.
2. The Survival Instructor will not speak with you if you do not have a weight of 0. The first test is a survival test, your goal is to reach the test instructor in the northwest side of Turtle Island. Talk to him when you want to take the test already, and he will provide you with 10 Fly Wings, 500 Arrows and 1 Test Bow.
3. Navigate your way to the Test Instructor. Use the fly wings first to get near him. Or if you are unlucky enough and die on the process, you will be warped back on your save point. There, you can restock and make your way to the Test Instructor again. But, before talking to the Test Instructor, make sure you have dropped the unnecessary items in your inventory. Also, for the extra arrows left in your inventory, leave at least 10 or 20 . Just leave your bow equipped and some fly wings that they originally gave you. Speak with the Test Instructor, named Teardrop if he sees that your weight is more than the usual, he will think you are cheating and warp you back to the Survival Instructor and you must start again.  Tell Teardrop that came to him for the test. But, he’s hungry and wants a 1 Wing of Dragonfly from you. If you already have the wing of Dragonfly in your inventory it will not count. You have to kill one.
4. Kill one Dragonfly and give it to Teardrop. Just tell him to eat up and he will debrief you about the Ranger Job Change Quest which is consists of three parts. If you are ready, tell him let’s go to the practical test field and he will warped you in the test area and provide you with 100 Arrows.
5. Enter the practical test waiting pub. If there are other characters who wish to take the test, you have to wait.
6. The first test is how keen your eyes are. All monsters are of Poring class and you have to get rid of monsters named ‘Poring’ among the monsters from 8 places. You have to kill 15 out of 20 monsters. You will get a huge deduction on your points if you kill a monster that is not named Poring. This is a test of concentration and quickness. My tip is to start from the upper right then move your mouse clockwise. if you see a Poporing or Marin that is named Poring, use Double Strafe so you could kill them before they disappear. You only have 5 secs to find and kill the monster named Poring.
If you fail to kill 15 out of 20 monster named Poring, you will be warped back to your save point. Get rid of the arrows left in your inventory before speaking with Teardrop. He will provide you again with 100 arrows.
7. The second part of the ranger job change test is how much you use the trap efficiently. The traps are actually Bombring Capsules which  summons Bomb Porings. Upon warping to the second part of the test, a broadcast would be made telling you about the test. You have to reach the other side of the map where the Test Supervisor Kowsyun is within 3 minutes. After the broadcast, use all the buffs that you have - such as Wind Walk, Improve Concentration before speaking with Staff Rust. He will be provide you with 10 Bombring Capsules, 100 Novice Potions and Pile of Papers which will make you 91% overweight that disable you to use any skills.
8. The monsters are Madragora, Flora, Nepenthes, Parasite, Georapher and Muscipular - all range monsters. Do not rush. The first one is easy, go between the Madragora and Flora and summon 1 Bomb Poring. All Bomb Porings will chase you for one second and then stay in position to detonate within 3 seconds. The Bomb Porings have 5×5 range so you have to get out of the way as well or else you’ll die. The next phase is of 4 Floras and a Parasite. Lure the Parasite near the Flora and summon a Bomb Poring. You might loose some HP and use the Novice Potions. Slowly, navigate your way near the Nepenthes then summon another Bomb Poring. Next monsters are Parasite, Geographer, Mandragora and Muscipular. Summon a bomb poring as well. You are actually near Kowsyun as broadcasts.
You need not to kill all the monsters, you just have to make you way exactly at the back of to Kowsyun to activate the popup message. Just get rid of the Parasite as it shall follow you. She will take all the pile of papers from you and warp you to the Test Supervisor Freeze.
If you fail this test, you will be back on your save point, still with 91% overweight. Go back to Turtle Island speak with Teardrop and he will take away the pile of papers from you and provide you again with 100 Arrows. You have to repeat from step no 6
9. Speak with the Test Supervisor Freeze and you shall learn that the third test is how you well you can handle an animal such as wolf. If you don’t talk to him in 2 minutes and get started the 3rd test, the test automatically ends and you fail. The test is you have to remove a bomb using the given wolf to receive points. You have to remove 10 out of 20 bombs within the time limit of 3 minutes. You will receive a Job Change Flute to summon the wolf. Use the flute and you shall summon a Baby Desert Wolf.
Speak with Freeze again, if you are ready to take the test and you will be put into a Stone Cursed state disabling your movements. The bombs are actually egg bombs. Use the alt key to control your Baby Desert Wolf to kill the bombs. If you passed, you will be warped back to the Ranger Master.
If you fail, you have to start all over again from step no 6.
10. Speak with the Ranger Master and he will ask you to cancel your falcon and use all of your job skill points. Choose I am ready if you are ready to become a Ranger. He will ask you one more time and if you want to change job into a ranger and answer him yes. He will turn you into a Ranger and you shall receive 1 Sniper Goggle [1], 1 Green Apple Ring, and 1 Wolf Flute as part of your ragnarok ranger job change test. You can get out of the test area by speaking with the Ranger Master and tell him Please let me be out. Congratulations for finishing the Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest!
My Ragnarok Ranger chillin in Turtle Island with the Sniper Goggle [1] equipped. Don’t mind the spheres as I own Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord.

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