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Archbishop QUEST

Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Level Requirements
  • Job Level 50 for 2nd jobs
  • Job Level 60 for Transcendant Jobs
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Item Requirements
  • Holy Water
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Rewards
  • Change to Arch bishop
  • Mitra[1]
  • Green Apple Ring
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest
The Arch bishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest rewards you to become an arch bishop and you could get some cool equipments. Plus, you will be able to use the valkyrie mercenary scroll that is exclusive only to the Archbishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest
1.  Start the Archbishop Job Change Quest in Prontera Church. Inside, speak with the Praying Minister (prt_church 103, 88). Tell him you would like to go on a Holy Pilgrimage. He will instruct you to find Priest Dayan and tell him some exact words in Umbala.
2. Go to Prince Dayan in Umbala(umbala 139, 227) (From Comodo ->Umbala through Kafra). Tell him I’m here for the Holy Pilgrimage (without period) You have to say the exact words. He mentions of the Yggdrasil being the holiest place in the world. Talk to him again and ask him how you should pray which you have to take note of. The first way is the way of meditation, second is agony, third is way of joy and lastly, way of light. He will then instruct you to go to yggdrasil dungeon.
3. With the Holy Water in your inventory, enter the top portal in Umbala and you will be warped inside the Yggdrasil tree. You need to have a mass inside that place. Go to  (yggdrasil01 219,47) spot. To go there, head north on a two way road. Then, head the farthest south on the next three way road. The farthese south place is kind of obscure from your screen’s view. When you reach the place, choose the way of meditation as the first way. Next, you will be asked on the faults that you had which you can enter anything. After you finish the song of Gloria, you will be warped back to Priest Dayan.
To go to yggdrasil Dungeon
4. Speak with Priest Dayan and he will ask you to talk a nun in Hugel named Vinue.
5. Go to Hugel [through Juno Airship], and enter the church(hugel 158, 113), walk north and you will immediately find a Praying Nun (hu_in01 205,204). Talk to her and ask her about a dream. Offer to investigate for her in the Odin Shrine.
How to go to Boatman
6. Go to Odin Shrine Level 2 and one you get there, the location is marked on your mini map on where the Valkyrie Illusion (odin_tem02 281, 275) is.
7. Continue the Archbishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest by touching the Valkyrie Illusion and you will be warped inside a room.
8. Talk to the Valkyrie and agree to help her. She will give you a Valkyrie Mercenary scroll. If you can’t locate any valkyrie in the room, it means that someone is currently doing the Archbishop Job Change Quest and you have to wait.
9. Summon the Valkyrie Mercenary immediately once you will be warped into the arch bishop job change job map. If your mercenary dies or you have failed to summon it, you need t restart the arch bishop job change job map battle part.
10. The Undead Valkyrie is marked on your mini map (northwest corner. After killing the Undead valkyrie, pick up the two Broken Pipe she drops. Dismiss your Valkyrie Ragnarok Mercenary by using ctrl +R, then choose Dismiss.
11. Speak with the Valkyrie(114, 328) that spawned. She will give you another mercenary scroll. She tells you to find the last piece.
12. Summon your Valkyrie Mercenary once more and get the last broken pipe by killing the Undead Valkyrie. It is at the south end of your map as marked on your minimap.
13. Another Valkyrie will spawn, and she will assemble all the broken piece that you got. She then tells you to the center of the map which is top of the hill.
14. Just do not mind the Frus that will come after you. Walk pass them. Just don’t walk too fast to the Valkyrie or you might disconnect.
15. Walk near the Valkyrie and she will change your job into an Archbishop. You will receive Mitra [1] and Green Apple Ring as part of your Arch bishop Job Change Quest Rewards.

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