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Mechanic QUEST

Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest Level Requirements
  • Base Level 99 Blacksmith or Mastersmith
  • Job Level 50 Blacksmith
  • Job Level 60 Mastersmith
Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest Rewards
  • 1 Green Apple Ring [Accessory] - does nothing. Weight: 0, Def: 0
  • 1 Driver Band [1] [Headgear] -STR + 1, DEX + 1, MDEF + 5. When pure STR is 12, ATK + 10, CRIT + 3, DEFENSE: 12, LEVEL REQUIREMENT: 100
  • Job Change into a Mechanic
Ragnarok Mechanic Quest Tips
While doing the Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest, you will  learn about the history of Mechanics. Mechanic is actually all about the study and use of magic and machinery. It is actually easy to change job into a Ragnarok Mechanic compare to other Ragnarok Quests.
Bring a lot of fly wings, blue potions and white potions. Dimiks are easy to kill in Juperos but a mob could easily kill you. Bring yourself a garment compounded with Frilldora Card so you could use the Cloaking Level 1 skill. Cloaking consumes SP so you need a lot of Blue Potions with you.
Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest 
1. Go to Juno and speak with Chainheart (129, 156). He tells you about the history of Mechanics. Read his story to know an in depth view of Ragnarok Mechanics. Speak with him again and you will learn that it was Franklson, a scholar from the Schwaltzvalt Republic who is the pioneer of Mechanics. Speak with him for the third time and choose I want to know more. You Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest now officially begins.
2. Enter the Juperos Ruins [from Juno, exit the south portal, then south, then east] The entrance to the Juperos Ruins is at the center of yuno_fild07.
3. Walk straight the Juperos Cave and speak with the Scholar(jupe_cave 37, 55) to warp you to the midway point to Juperos. Speak with him again if you are ready to go.
4. Upon warping inside the Juperos Core, you would initially see the Ghostfire (jupe_core2 149, 273). He needs your “full concentration” when talking to him. Either kill all the monsters first or you can use Cloaking. Just click on Next when speaking with him.
5. The next part of the Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest  is to speak with the ghostfire(jupe_core2  53, 75) at the southwest part of the map. If you are using the cloaking skill, from north, walk straight down, then go west you reach the center.
6.  Speak with the last ghostfire (jupe_core2  242, 62) at the southeast part of the map.
7. Next, head back to west and stand on the switch (jupe_core2  29, 150). A pop up message will appear, just click on next.
8. Head to the east part of the map and activate another switch (jupe_core2 272, 149).
9. Walk a little to the right and go to the south part of the status (jupe_core2 288, 142) to activate another message. Note that if you die before going to the statue, you have to repeat from step no 7.
10. Go to the switch (jupe_core2 150, 33) to the south.
11. Head to the ghostfire in the north again and he will teleport you back to Yuno.
12. Speak with Chainheart and he shall turn you into a Ragnarok mechanic.
You will receive a Driver Band [1] and Green Apple Ring as part of your Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest reward. You can wear the Driver Band at level 100 though.
My Ragnarok Mechanic at Level 101 wearing the Diver Band [1]. By the way, you cannot rent the Magic Gear right away, you need at least Level 1 the Madogear License skill 

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