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NEW Upgrade System For Fun and Chat Server!!!

Upgrade Max +20 Update Ragnarok 4 Ever (Job 4)

Peningkatan pada sistematis nilai tempa pada Senjata dan Armor menjadi maksimal +20. Jika pada nilai 1~10 menggunakan Oridecon / Enriched Oridecon dan Elunium / Enriched Elunium, maka pada sistem Upgrade Max kali ini menggunakan Bradium dan Carnium.

2 bersaudara yang hanya bisa melakukannya yaitu Austry dan Bestry, yang mampu membuat batu tempa Bradium dan Carnium juga menempanya menjadi +11~20.

Enchant System

Fitur sebelumnya yang pernah hadir Enchant System dari Update Jotunheim.
Yang dapat memberikan status tambahan pada slot yang ada di armor kamu, dan hasil yang kamu dapat adalah random +1, +2, +3 dari 6 status yang ada di Ragnarok (dex, agi, str, int, vit, luk).

Kini fitur Enchant tersebut,
Memberikan tambahan baru untuk beberapa Armor yang bisa diberikan status Enchant

Berikut list penambahan Armor untuk Enchant System

Armor Non SlotArmor BerslotArmor Tingkat Tinggi
Glorius SuitNovice Breast [1]Valkyrian Armor [1]
Glorius Public SuitAngelic Protection [1]-
Glorius Suplied Suit-

Archbishop QUEST

Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Level Requirements
  • Job Level 50 for 2nd jobs
  • Job Level 60 for Transcendant Jobs
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Item Requirements
  • Holy Water
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest Rewards
  • Change to Arch bishop
  • Mitra[1]
  • Green Apple Ring
 Ragnarok Archbishop Job Change Quest
The Arch bishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest rewards you to become an arch bishop and you could get some cool equipments. Plus, you will be able to use the valkyrie mercenary scroll that is exclusive only to the Archbishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest
1.  Start the Archbishop Job Change Quest in Prontera Church. Inside, speak with the Praying Minister (prt_church 103, 88). Tell him you would like to go on a Holy Pilgrimage. He will instruct you to find Priest Dayan and tell him some exact words in Umbala.
2. Go to Prince Dayan in Umbala(umbala 139, 227) (From Comodo ->Umbala through Kafra). Tell him I’m here for the Holy Pilgrimage (without period) You have to say the exact words. He mentions of the Yggdrasil being the holiest place in the world. Talk to him again and ask him how you should pray which you have to take note of. The first way is the way of meditation, second is agony, third is way of joy and lastly, way of light. He will then instruct you to go to yggdrasil dungeon.
3. With the Holy Water in your inventory, enter the top portal in Umbala and you will be warped inside the Yggdrasil tree. You need to have a mass inside that place. Go to  (yggdrasil01 219,47) spot. To go there, head north on a two way road. Then, head the farthest south on the next three way road. The farthese south place is kind of obscure from your screen’s view. When you reach the place, choose the way of meditation as the first way. Next, you will be asked on the faults that you had which you can enter anything. After you finish the song of Gloria, you will be warped back to Priest Dayan.
To go to yggdrasil Dungeon
4. Speak with Priest Dayan and he will ask you to talk a nun in Hugel named Vinue.
5. Go to Hugel [through Juno Airship], and enter the church(hugel 158, 113), walk north and you will immediately find a Praying Nun (hu_in01 205,204). Talk to her and ask her about a dream. Offer to investigate for her in the Odin Shrine.
How to go to Boatman
6. Go to Odin Shrine Level 2 and one you get there, the location is marked on your mini map on where the Valkyrie Illusion (odin_tem02 281, 275) is.
7. Continue the Archbishop Job Change Ragnarok Quest by touching the Valkyrie Illusion and you will be warped inside a room.
8. Talk to the Valkyrie and agree to help her. She will give you a Valkyrie Mercenary scroll. If you can’t locate any valkyrie in the room, it means that someone is currently doing the Archbishop Job Change Quest and you have to wait.
9. Summon the Valkyrie Mercenary immediately once you will be warped into the arch bishop job change job map. If your mercenary dies or you have failed to summon it, you need t restart the arch bishop job change job map battle part.
10. The Undead Valkyrie is marked on your mini map (northwest corner. After killing the Undead valkyrie, pick up the two Broken Pipe she drops. Dismiss your Valkyrie Ragnarok Mercenary by using ctrl +R, then choose Dismiss.
11. Speak with the Valkyrie(114, 328) that spawned. She will give you another mercenary scroll. She tells you to find the last piece.
12. Summon your Valkyrie Mercenary once more and get the last broken pipe by killing the Undead Valkyrie. It is at the south end of your map as marked on your minimap.
13. Another Valkyrie will spawn, and she will assemble all the broken piece that you got. She then tells you to the center of the map which is top of the hill.
14. Just do not mind the Frus that will come after you. Walk pass them. Just don’t walk too fast to the Valkyrie or you might disconnect.
15. Walk near the Valkyrie and she will change your job into an Archbishop. You will receive Mitra [1] and Green Apple Ring as part of your Arch bishop Job Change Quest Rewards.

Mechanic QUEST

Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest Level Requirements
  • Base Level 99 Blacksmith or Mastersmith
  • Job Level 50 Blacksmith
  • Job Level 60 Mastersmith
Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest Rewards
  • 1 Green Apple Ring [Accessory] - does nothing. Weight: 0, Def: 0
  • 1 Driver Band [1] [Headgear] -STR + 1, DEX + 1, MDEF + 5. When pure STR is 12, ATK + 10, CRIT + 3, DEFENSE: 12, LEVEL REQUIREMENT: 100
  • Job Change into a Mechanic
Ragnarok Mechanic Quest Tips
While doing the Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest, you will  learn about the history of Mechanics. Mechanic is actually all about the study and use of magic and machinery. It is actually easy to change job into a Ragnarok Mechanic compare to other Ragnarok Quests.
Bring a lot of fly wings, blue potions and white potions. Dimiks are easy to kill in Juperos but a mob could easily kill you. Bring yourself a garment compounded with Frilldora Card so you could use the Cloaking Level 1 skill. Cloaking consumes SP so you need a lot of Blue Potions with you.
Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest 
1. Go to Juno and speak with Chainheart (129, 156). He tells you about the history of Mechanics. Read his story to know an in depth view of Ragnarok Mechanics. Speak with him again and you will learn that it was Franklson, a scholar from the Schwaltzvalt Republic who is the pioneer of Mechanics. Speak with him for the third time and choose I want to know more. You Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest now officially begins.
2. Enter the Juperos Ruins [from Juno, exit the south portal, then south, then east] The entrance to the Juperos Ruins is at the center of yuno_fild07.
3. Walk straight the Juperos Cave and speak with the Scholar(jupe_cave 37, 55) to warp you to the midway point to Juperos. Speak with him again if you are ready to go.
4. Upon warping inside the Juperos Core, you would initially see the Ghostfire (jupe_core2 149, 273). He needs your “full concentration” when talking to him. Either kill all the monsters first or you can use Cloaking. Just click on Next when speaking with him.
5. The next part of the Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest  is to speak with the ghostfire(jupe_core2  53, 75) at the southwest part of the map. If you are using the cloaking skill, from north, walk straight down, then go west you reach the center.
6.  Speak with the last ghostfire (jupe_core2  242, 62) at the southeast part of the map.
7. Next, head back to west and stand on the switch (jupe_core2  29, 150). A pop up message will appear, just click on next.
8. Head to the east part of the map and activate another switch (jupe_core2 272, 149).
9. Walk a little to the right and go to the south part of the status (jupe_core2 288, 142) to activate another message. Note that if you die before going to the statue, you have to repeat from step no 7.
10. Go to the switch (jupe_core2 150, 33) to the south.
11. Head to the ghostfire in the north again and he will teleport you back to Yuno.
12. Speak with Chainheart and he shall turn you into a Ragnarok mechanic.
You will receive a Driver Band [1] and Green Apple Ring as part of your Ragnarok Mechanic Job Change Quest reward. You can wear the Driver Band at level 100 though.
My Ragnarok Mechanic at Level 101 wearing the Diver Band [1]. By the way, you cannot rent the Magic Gear right away, you need at least Level 1 the Madogear License skill 

Ranger QUEST

Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Requirements
  • Base Level 99 Hunter, Sniper
  • Job Level 50 Hunter
  • Job Level 60 Sniper
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Rewards
  • 1 Sniper Goggles - DEX + 1, AGI + 1, MDEF + 5. If user has 120 base AGI, Ranged attack damage + 4%, ASPD + 1. Headgear (Upper/Middle) / 12 Def / 10 Weight / Req Lv 100 / Ranger Exclusive
  • 1 Green Apple Ring - accessory that does nothing
  • 1 Wolf Flute - item needed to summon your Wolf Companion
  • Job Change to Ranger
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest Tips
The Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest is just like the Hunter Job Change Quest but this is far more challenging as you have to pass three different stages and requires a lot of concentration. I died a number of times upon doing this quest as I do not have  proper Ragnarok Ranger Job Change guide. Hopefully this will help you out so you would be able to finish the Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest in just one try.
I really do suggest to be a Level 99 Sniper first before changing into a Ranger. The Wind Walk skill would certainly help you a lot most especially in the second part of the Ranger Job Change Quest.
Make sure you have done the How to go to Turtle Island Ragnarok quest first as the NPCs are in Turtle Island.
Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest
1. Start the Ranger Job Change Quest by speaking with the Survival Instructor in Alberta. Tell him I came here to change job to a Ranger. If you are a hunter, he will ask you if you really want to be a Ranger. He will ask you to lower your weight into 0 and warps you back to Alberta.
2. The Survival Instructor will not speak with you if you do not have a weight of 0. The first test is a survival test, your goal is to reach the test instructor in the northwest side of Turtle Island. Talk to him when you want to take the test already, and he will provide you with 10 Fly Wings, 500 Arrows and 1 Test Bow.
3. Navigate your way to the Test Instructor. Use the fly wings first to get near him. Or if you are unlucky enough and die on the process, you will be warped back on your save point. There, you can restock and make your way to the Test Instructor again. But, before talking to the Test Instructor, make sure you have dropped the unnecessary items in your inventory. Also, for the extra arrows left in your inventory, leave at least 10 or 20 . Just leave your bow equipped and some fly wings that they originally gave you. Speak with the Test Instructor, named Teardrop if he sees that your weight is more than the usual, he will think you are cheating and warp you back to the Survival Instructor and you must start again.  Tell Teardrop that came to him for the test. But, he’s hungry and wants a 1 Wing of Dragonfly from you. If you already have the wing of Dragonfly in your inventory it will not count. You have to kill one.
4. Kill one Dragonfly and give it to Teardrop. Just tell him to eat up and he will debrief you about the Ranger Job Change Quest which is consists of three parts. If you are ready, tell him let’s go to the practical test field and he will warped you in the test area and provide you with 100 Arrows.
5. Enter the practical test waiting pub. If there are other characters who wish to take the test, you have to wait.
6. The first test is how keen your eyes are. All monsters are of Poring class and you have to get rid of monsters named ‘Poring’ among the monsters from 8 places. You have to kill 15 out of 20 monsters. You will get a huge deduction on your points if you kill a monster that is not named Poring. This is a test of concentration and quickness. My tip is to start from the upper right then move your mouse clockwise. if you see a Poporing or Marin that is named Poring, use Double Strafe so you could kill them before they disappear. You only have 5 secs to find and kill the monster named Poring.
If you fail to kill 15 out of 20 monster named Poring, you will be warped back to your save point. Get rid of the arrows left in your inventory before speaking with Teardrop. He will provide you again with 100 arrows.
7. The second part of the ranger job change test is how much you use the trap efficiently. The traps are actually Bombring Capsules which  summons Bomb Porings. Upon warping to the second part of the test, a broadcast would be made telling you about the test. You have to reach the other side of the map where the Test Supervisor Kowsyun is within 3 minutes. After the broadcast, use all the buffs that you have - such as Wind Walk, Improve Concentration before speaking with Staff Rust. He will be provide you with 10 Bombring Capsules, 100 Novice Potions and Pile of Papers which will make you 91% overweight that disable you to use any skills.
8. The monsters are Madragora, Flora, Nepenthes, Parasite, Georapher and Muscipular - all range monsters. Do not rush. The first one is easy, go between the Madragora and Flora and summon 1 Bomb Poring. All Bomb Porings will chase you for one second and then stay in position to detonate within 3 seconds. The Bomb Porings have 5×5 range so you have to get out of the way as well or else you’ll die. The next phase is of 4 Floras and a Parasite. Lure the Parasite near the Flora and summon a Bomb Poring. You might loose some HP and use the Novice Potions. Slowly, navigate your way near the Nepenthes then summon another Bomb Poring. Next monsters are Parasite, Geographer, Mandragora and Muscipular. Summon a bomb poring as well. You are actually near Kowsyun as broadcasts.
You need not to kill all the monsters, you just have to make you way exactly at the back of to Kowsyun to activate the popup message. Just get rid of the Parasite as it shall follow you. She will take all the pile of papers from you and warp you to the Test Supervisor Freeze.
If you fail this test, you will be back on your save point, still with 91% overweight. Go back to Turtle Island speak with Teardrop and he will take away the pile of papers from you and provide you again with 100 Arrows. You have to repeat from step no 6
9. Speak with the Test Supervisor Freeze and you shall learn that the third test is how you well you can handle an animal such as wolf. If you don’t talk to him in 2 minutes and get started the 3rd test, the test automatically ends and you fail. The test is you have to remove a bomb using the given wolf to receive points. You have to remove 10 out of 20 bombs within the time limit of 3 minutes. You will receive a Job Change Flute to summon the wolf. Use the flute and you shall summon a Baby Desert Wolf.
Speak with Freeze again, if you are ready to take the test and you will be put into a Stone Cursed state disabling your movements. The bombs are actually egg bombs. Use the alt key to control your Baby Desert Wolf to kill the bombs. If you passed, you will be warped back to the Ranger Master.
If you fail, you have to start all over again from step no 6.
10. Speak with the Ranger Master and he will ask you to cancel your falcon and use all of your job skill points. Choose I am ready if you are ready to become a Ranger. He will ask you one more time and if you want to change job into a ranger and answer him yes. He will turn you into a Ranger and you shall receive 1 Sniper Goggle [1], 1 Green Apple Ring, and 1 Wolf Flute as part of your ragnarok ranger job change test. You can get out of the test area by speaking with the Ranger Master and tell him Please let me be out. Congratulations for finishing the Ragnarok Ranger Job Change Quest!
My Ragnarok Ranger chillin in Turtle Island with the Sniper Goggle [1] equipped. Don’t mind the spheres as I own Ring of Resonance and Ring of Flame Lord.

Rune Knight QUEST

Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest Requirements
  • Base Level 99 Knight or Lord Knight
  • Job Level 50 Knight
  • Job Level 60 Lord Knight
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest Rewards
  • Job Change to Rune Knight
  • 1 Rune Circlet [1] - STR + 1, INT + 1, MDEF + 5. If user has 120 base STR, ATK + 10, MATK + 5. Headgear (Upper) / 12 Def / 10 Weight / Req Lv 100 / Rune Knight Exclusive
  • 1 Rune Plate - Weight: 0, Req Level 99, Defense: 95
  • 1 Green Apple Ring - accessory that does nothing
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest
The Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest is one fun and challenging Ragnarok Quest. The objective of rune knight job change quest is to introduce you to runes and magic. You need to learn about the 20 Runes - which is lot to remember. But fear not! The Ragnarok Rune Knight guide is here. The secret in the rune knight job change quest is pots, bring a lot of pots. Also, you will discover the secret gathering place of Rune Knights inside the Glast Heim castle.
Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Quest
1. Start the Rune Knight Job Change Quest in Prontera pub and speak with the Splendid Lookin Knight (prt_in 164, 23). Agree to have a  drink with him and tell him that you are ready to become a Rune Knight. He will direct you to Glast Heim where a Rune Knight is waiting for you.
2. Go to Glast Heim, and at the left side of the map, you shall find Jungberg (glast_01 43, 361). Tell him you came as a Rune Knight. Your first assignment is to find the secret gathering place hidden inside the Glast Heim.
3. The secret gathering place is in level 2 of glast heim chivalry. Enter the Glast Heim Chivalry and speak with the Rune Knight staff (gl_knt02 144, 53). He will automatically warp you inside the gathering place. You can use the ff guide on  How to go to Glast Heim Chivalry 2

4. Speak with the Rune Knight Captain(81, 60) and he directs you to Lunarea.
5. Speak with Rune Knight Lunarea (89, 50) and she will give you your first test. Do not start the test right away. The secret gathering place has its own kafra. Restock your pots as you will fight monsters for about 5 minutes. Talk to Lunarea when you are ready.
6.  You will be warped in the test field. Monsters such as Raydrics, Raydric Archers, Rideword, Rybio and Phendark will appear and there are about 2-4 of them every time. Sometimes 4 Rune Knights will appear, choose only one among them and he or she shall give you a random buff. It can be a harmful buff or not, it is a matter of luck. I got a heal, agility up, stun and cursed. So it would be wise to bring a Green Potion, Royal Jelly as well. I think the sequence was,Raydrics & Raydric Archers, Rideword, then Rybio & Phendark, back to Radrics & Raydric Archers again and so on.
7.  After successfully killing all the monsters, you will be warped back to the secret area. Speak with Lunarea again and she says you passed.
8. Speak with Rune Knight Captain again, and he will direct you to the west side of the room
9. In the west side of the room, you will find another Rune Knight named Renoa. She will ask you to read three books about Runes and Rune Knight.
10. Take your time to read the books, you do not have to memorize anything as I already have the guide here for the next test but it would help you to understand what Rune Knights are. The books are Runes and Rune Knights
The Principles of Runes
and The Making and Use of Runes.
11. After reading the book, speak with Reona and she will mention about Beljeve, the leader of Rune Knights who is known to have been in touch with the fairies. For the second test, you need to visit one of the Laphine magical scholars named Serpeone in Ash Vacuum. If you are prepared, speak with Reona again and she will directly warp you to Ash Vacuum.
12. You will be automatially warped near Sage Serpeone, she will ask you to gather magical energy by killing 10 Dullahan, 10 Disguise, 10 Quve, and 10 Hylozoist.
13. Use a Butterfly wing to go back to your save point, and navigate your war to Umbala. From Morocc, take Comodo, them Umbala and exit the top portal. The best place to kill the assigned 40 monsters is in nif_fild01. Hylozoist is the toughest monster to find.
You will keep track of your killing through a counter on your chat bar or you could check on your quest window (Alt + U)
14. After killing the 40 monsters, you can go back to Ash Vacuum by asking Renoa again in the secret gathering place of Rune Knight.
15.  Tell Sage Serpeone that you have gathered enough energy. Talk to her again and ask her to warp to the gathering place, tell her you want you go back now and you will be back in Glast Heim
16.  Speak with Renoa again and she will give you another test of making 20 Rune Stones.
17. Click the Rune Furnace beside her and start making Rune Stones. Choose Use the rune heating surface and a random rune stone description will appear. You have to guess what Rune Stone it is. You must key in the Rune Stone’s name with the first name capitalized. The Rune Stone that you make is random, meaning that you may make the same rune stones a number of times.
Rune Stones answer sheet
  •  Ehwaz - Red Spiral
  • Osilia - Violet oblique line
  •  Mannaz - Emerald diamond
  •  Ansuz - Emerald round
  •  Hagalas - Skyblue star
  •  Kano - Red diamond
  •  Rhydo - Skyblue oblique line
  •  Turisus - Yellow round
  •  Dagaz - Emerald spiral
  •  Sowilo - Skyblue fan
  •  Laguz - Yellow diamond
  •  Isia - Violet spiral or Violet slant
  •  Pertz - Silver spiral
  •  Verkana - Gold star
  •  Gebo - Yellow cone
  •  Algiz - Emerald oblique line
  •  Ehwaz - Gray diamond
  •  Teiwaz - Gold round
  •  Wunjo - Emerald star
  •  Jera - Yellow round
  •  Nosiege - Yellow fan-shape
  •  Ingz - Violet diamond
  •  Fehu - Silver round
  •  Urj - Violet oblique line
If you want to check the number of Rune Stone that you have already made, consult with Renoa.
18. Tell Reona if you have made 20 Rune Stones, he will direct you to the Rune Knight Captain again. The Ragnarok Rune Knight Job Change Test is almost over.
19. Speak with the Rune Knight captain and he will direct you to Rune Knight Velpino in the east room for your last test.
20. Have a chat with Rune Knight Velpino for your last test. You have to get rid of  1 Ogretooth , 1 Executioner , and 1 Mysteltainn using the Rune Stones you made on the previous test. The weapon that you could use should be below 400. He will ask you to unequip all your gears except your weapon.
21. There is a kafra in the gathering place where you could get rid of your other stuffs. Just leave your weapon. You can carry potions. 50-60 Slim White Potions or Mastela will do as long as the weight of your character is less than 400
22. Speak with Velpino again and he will provide you with 30 Pertz Runestone for Apprentice and 30 Verkana Runestone for Apprentice. When you are ready, Enter the final test field.
23. The monsters would spawn one after another. Verkana Runestone for Apprentice activates Millenium Shield which adds Int + 2 for about 3 minutes. The Pertz Stone for Apprentice activates Storm Blast which damages the enemy. It would be wise to activate the Millenium Shield upon entering the test area. If you ran out of Pertz Stone, you can fight the monster in a combat battle. Consume all your Pertz Stone for Apprentice. There might be a few Verkana Runestone for Apprentice that would be left. After killing the three monsters, you will be automatically warped back to the gathering place
Millenium Shield
24. Speak with Velpino and he will take away the Runestone left in your inventory. Speak with him again until he directs you to the Rune Knight Captain.
25. Speak with Captain Tigris and he will evaluate your results from Lunarea, Renoa and Velpino. You passed and he will ask you to get rid of your Peco Peco. Speak with him once more and tell him Every preparation is done. He will change your job into a Rune Knight and gives you 1 Green Apple Ring, 1 Rune Circlet [1].  Speak with him again to get a 1 Rune Plate. Congratulations for finishing the Ragnarok Rue Knight Job Change Quest! Rune Knights look weird, haha!
My Rune Knight in Prontera with my Dragon. You have to level to 100 to wear the Rune Circlet [1] though.
Where to borrow Dragon -